Eric Bodywork [Review]

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Length: 5 mins read (1170 words)

Outlet: Bayan Lepas, Penang

Service tried: 90 mins full body massage

Last visit: November 2021

A trained male therapist based in Penang. Providing Male to Male massage with proper massage bed, bath room, draping and organic oil (Lomi Lomi Nui) massage. InCall (by appointment only) and OutCall available. Website:


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility 4.5 / 5
Ambience 4.5 / 5

I went to Penang for work for the weekend and wanted to book a massage session. Two individual therapists were recommended to me, one was Benny and the other was Eric. I texted both. Benny didn’t bother to reply or acknowledge even (so that is a big no-no sign) but on the other hand, Eric replied. In fact, Eric got back to me pretty promptly and he is kinda the serious type of guy and may appear as unfriendly if you meet him for the first time. As you chat longer with him, you will realized that he is not that cold after all; perhaps he needs longer time to warm up especially to someone who texted him out of the blue from KL.

His place is not too far from Penang airport but can be a distant from Georgetown. It was a 22km drive from where I stayed during this trip. Luckily, traffic was very kind to me and I arrived early. Parking was ample at his place. Soon after, Eric came down to bring me up to his apartment. While we were walking up, he also asked me some medical history questions. There was a separate door to enter to his treatment room. As soon as I enter, I was greeted with his office before coming to his treatment area. There was a nicely done curtain that separates between his office and treatment area with a bathroom in between.

Once I entered to the treatment area, I was very impressed. The layout was very well thought off and it felt very homely, comforting. There was a proper place to hang your clothes, a big basket to put your belonging and another a basket with water plus with sanitiser for your usage (if needed). There was also ample of towels prepared in case you need to bath or wipe your hand after you use the toilet.


After I laid down on prone, he draped me accordingly and it start with some light brushes to warm me up with his touch. Soon after, he continued with a good amount of deep tissue work on the main erector spinae tackling inch by inch from the lumbar up to cervical then to all the muscles attached to the occipital. He used mainly his elbow and with thumb on the cervical portion; leveraging his body weigh to get good angle. He was doing a lot of cross friction, pressure point, stretches and gentle bouncing (vibration technique). The gentle bouncing that combined with the pressure point at the same time is quite unique, a routine that I hardly experience.

It then continued with the oil section where he does use a lot of oil. Jokingly, I felt like I was being marinated with oil. 😛 But I enjoyed his oil application technique. It has a good flow, pretty sensual and relaxing. Then, he started with my lower back that glide to my mid back, shoulder, and neck in an effortless motion using mainly his forearm with palm / finger stroke. One of the highlight of his technique is his “yin” and “yang” hand, in which the forearm was mostly hard pressure but the palm / finger stroke being the opposite that was mostly soft (ASMR feel). He combined both in most of his strokes massaging in two different areas (true to the lomi lomi modality). It is very soothing and he developed his technique to a pretty flawless routine.

He continued on to work on my head then to the glutes and the leg. And all these while, still maintaining the touch and the glide, a non stop routine. As a receiver, it doesn’t feel as though he is working on me part by part. I am like a giant canvas of muscle for him. (I did hope he could go deeper on my glutes especially on the deeper hip rotator muscles)

He incorporated a bit of manhood therapy as well even though it was not blatantly advertise in his service site. On this portion, how he approached the perineum muscle, inguinal area plus with the ischial tuberosity (for the adductors insertion) is something that is very hard for me to describe through words. It can be painful to a certain extend (but this could be just me since I know I do have dysfunction at these areas) but can be sensual at the same time. I guess you need to go through his session to experience it on your own. All I can say is, it is unique and I have not experience it in any other manhood therapy routine with the many many massage sessions that I been through for these many years.


While on supine, my eyes were covered with an eye bag (if only the eye bag was icy cold, that will be superb – but Eric mentioned that he is working on this portion). He started with the chest and then stomach (this, he used a lot of broad palm strokes and thumb strokes). He does work a fair bit on the stomach. I had to excuse myself to the toilet when he started as I felt uncomfortable with my bladder full, as his pressure may be deep for some. Perhaps, best for one to go to the toilet when you are turned to the front. On the stomach, the manhood therapy section also continued with him working on on pubic bone and inguinal area.

Soon after, he worked on the leg once again with his effortless forearm glide, then my hand and lastly on the manhood. I was finally seated with him doing a bit more kneading on the shoulder, followed by tapotement.

He left the treatment area for me to get dressed. At the same time, he asked me whether I would be paying by cash or e-payment. If by cash, he said please put the money in the envelope and take back the change that he has prepared. I was thinking to my mind, that he is quite trusting with his mode of operation because even when I was about to leave, he didn’t check my payment. I have to insist that he do so cos I wanted it to be accountable.

– His technique does use a lot of oils for the glides. May be hard to wipe off but you can choose to shower at his place. I kinda regretted that I didn’t because I was thinking to enjoy the benefit of the oil.
– I admire his professionalism
– His service only cater to men.

– The yin yang approach of his hand is unique and the flow is special.
– Good draping technique and great professionalism.
– A very enjoyable massage and works wonder for my back.

– He may appear cold at first (but it may not be his intention)


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