Berjaya Blind Massage [Review]

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Length: 1.5 mins read (339 words)

Outlet: Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: 90 mins full body massage

Last visit: March 2020

Cleanliness 3.5 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 3.5 / 5
Facility 2 / 5
Ambience 1 / 5


I came to this outlet from the recommendation of one of the reader, Sam. For him, his experience was lukewarm. For me, I would say it is not bad. Maybe it is the different therapist that we get and they are all of different skills. But one thing we both agree; it is really very affordable.

The whole setup of the centre is very basic. You reach the unit, you go in, there is a small waiting area with reception and then two hallways that lead to the treatment rooms……no eye-catching interior design, no special concept, nothing intriguing for the smell and aural senses. But yes, I do particularly like the individual treatment room as you have complete privacy.


The therapist that I get, he could be well into his 60s and I do admire his strength. His technique used is very uncommon. I can’t make out what it is but it reminds me of a combination of “guasa” technique with his knuckle and fascia technique with the small surface muscle stretch and constant recoil. But throughout, this is the one and only technique that he used (or maybe this is only what he knows).

He started with the back then goes to the buttock and back of leg before continuing on supine where he worked on the hand and front of leg. Does it do the trick for me? Yes, i do feel relaxed and my back felt better as well (was having some ache on the left).


– You can bring your own oil.
– Like the other centres with blind therapist, there are some quirks that you have to accept i.e. the talking clock and therapist accidentally touching areas that are not suppose to.

– Good privacy with the individual room
– Very value for money
– Friendly therapist

– Extremely basic


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