Qi Spa [Review]

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Length: 3 mins read (633 words)

Outlet: Damansara Uptown

Service tried: Full body massage

Last visit: May 2018

“For weary soles and overworked muscles. Invigorate each step with our signature no-frills foot reflexology and massage sessions”.

Cleanliness 3.5 / 5
Customer service 2 / 5
Skill 3.5 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5


I stumbled across this outlet while walking to HealthLand Uptown actually. What attracted me was the happy hour rate which is very affordable; cheaper than most other outlets. Hence, I just gave it a try. By the way, the happy hour rate does not apply during weekends or public holidays. Some other outlets do apply with surcharges but for them, it is not applicable.

When I stepped in for the first time, I was greeted by a sleepy receptionist (actually, even for the subsequent few times after). He really look as though he just woke up from a nap at the counter. I then proceeded to tell him the package that I wanted and he arranged for the session. Not long after, a relatively young girl (seem like an Indonesian) came out with a very serious face,gave me a slipper, kept my shoes and then walked in through a curtain without saying a word. It did caught me for a moment whether should I follow her or stay and wait for a moment….maybe she has gone to prep the room and will return in a short while. But she didn’t and in the end, I follow suit by walking through the curtain and came to a pretty dark foyer which double up a foot reflex space. At that point, it did cross my mind whether this is a legit massage centre but after seeing some aunties and uncles enjoying their foot massage, I am more assured.


The massage style here reminds me of what I experienced in HealthLand. But during that particular session, she must be having a cold cos she kept on sniffling. The sound can be a bit irritating and I certainly don’t want to catch her germ. As soothing as the background music can be, it can’t overpower her sniffle. But in terms of the technique and strength, it was to my liking.

After that, I did go back for a couple more times to try different therapist and the general quality is not bad. Pretty consistent in the technique but also the therapist are relatively non-communicative. They do have upper level but I was told they hardly use that now (cost saving perhaps due to lower demand). For the massage room which is separated by partition board, there isn’t any where you can hang your clothes, you have to put on a tray that they provide and that tray will be left on the floor.


Update: Came back here in July 2018 but they are closed for renovation work to comply with MBPJ ruling. Perhaps, good time for a facelift too. Looking forward to its reopen.

Update II: It has been another 6 months more but with no news, I guess they are closed for good for now.

-Generally they have youngish therapist who can attend to any sexes.
-You can use own oil and be fully naked as well. In fact, the first girl who attended to me said most of their customer do bring own oil cos theirs are just normal baby oil.

-Cheap and good massage during happy hour

-Possibly personal hygiene may need to be looked into (granted that my first experience with the sniffling therapist could be an isolated case)
-More communication from the therapist will be nice and welcoming. I am not asking them to be chatty but at least, the greetings and the introduction.
-Ambience that does feel dodgy if you have not come across this brand


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