My Healing Hands [Review]

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Length: 3.5 mins read (791 words)

Outlet: Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City

Service tried: 2 hours Balinese massage (but I cut it short to 1 hour and walked out)

Last visit: March 2019

Escape into the ambiance of reinvigorating and therapeutic Bali style and enjoy a luxurious Balinese spa package that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Immerse yourself in refreshing, renewing and revitalizing treatments that honor the whole being allowing you to reflect upon your own quiet time in a perfect setting.

What could be better than letting your body and soul relax to the natural healing pleasure of plant and flower essences, ocean-inspired nutrients, and Balinese and Indonesian herbs and spices in an atmosphere of pure serenity?


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 3 / 5
Skill 0.5 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

In my many years of going to a different massage outlets, I have never stop and cut short a session before out of frustration, I have never walked out from one with feeling of anger rather than relaxed or satisfied and I have never experience any bruises before regardless of the therapist strength. But with this brand, I experienced all at one go.

From the get-go, the therapist looks as though he has been forced to do this job. His attire is a bit out of place and doesn’t look professional as a therapist. During the washing out foot, the scrub was half hearted and once the session starts, I felt as though I was like a piece of dough or meat. On his way up to the treatment room, he was mumbling something too. And before he started the session and I lied down on the bed, he seems out of focus.


Technique wise, the way the grab, the stroke, the rub and the usage of his arm and palm is nothing short of someone who has no experience in Balinese massage and trying to fake it through. The structure and the approach to the massage is “rub whatever you touch and just keep on rubbing”. My breaking moment was during the hand massage which I felt my hand was ala a meat being marinated.

After the hand, before he proceeded to the next section, the therapist went out to drink water and I just stood up and then get changed. He thought it was because he went for a drink in which I corrected him by telling him it is ok to drink but it is his skill that need to improve. When I went down to the counter, I informed the counter that I want to cut short my service cos the therapist skill is not there. They did try to convince me that his skill is good but I replied back by saying that he may be good in other massage but definitely not balinese. What he does is just what an average person without any knowledge will do.

I did pay for the one hour and then walked out still with a polite smile and thank you. While walking back, I suddenly noticed that there are bruises in both my arm and this was not there before the massage and these are the part that I felt slight pain during the massage from the way the therapist grabs the muscle and using his upstrokes. It is not the strength but the technique. Angrily, I walked back to the outlet and then showed the receptionist of what their therapist has done. They were apologetic just like the first time when I came down from the session. However, to be very honest, during this second time, the apology just isn’t enough anymore. I don’t think any apology will make up to it.


The outlet ambience is actually not bad, comparable with other good brand out there but the core of a quality massage depends a lot on the therapist skill and was the downfall of this experience. The outlet has 2 levels and various sizeable treatment rooms with proper bed and locker for cloths too.

There is really nothing much I would like to write anymore about this brand besides the point that I would never step in to this brand ever again and I hope any of my reader will never experience what I been through today.


– Perhaps, the experience or my review will be very different if I have gotten another therapist but then again, for any brand to be labeled good or excellent, consistency among all the therapist is a vital point.

– None. The whole experience is just ruined by the therapist who is the core of any good session.

– Absolutely horrible and utmost disappointing experience that I wish no one will go through


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