Manhood Therapy: Sexual Dysfunction – Overview

By Ian Chow, Cerftified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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Ever since I have written the two articles on manhood therapy (Fake or Real and What and How), there are a number of readers who messaged me to discuss, chat or just have small talk on the topic. Not necessarily engaging my urut batin service but just having casual conversation. Perhaps, it is easier for them to be sharing their issues with a stranger whom they have not meet or don’t even have to meet. Especially in Asian culture, it is possibly also less embarrassing for them to be sharing such a taboo topic behind this digital wall.

I am no sexual health or sexual dysfunction / disorder expert. What I know are mainly from the course that I took, the materials that I read and the experience that I gain via the treatment that I rendered. But all the conversation exchanges that I have with these “strangers” also prompted me of wanting to write more on this topic in hope to give my readers some reference material or possibly an avenue for them to be having further conversation with me. No one has to suffer alone.

So, for this time round, my topic will be on male sexual dysfunction.


In general, a male sexual dysfunction can be categorised under 3 main categories:
a). erectile dysfunction – one may be experiencing difficulty in getting an erection or maintaining an erection. There is no standard time to measure a healthy erection but one should be able to stay erect between a few minutes right up to 45 minutes or an average of 3 to 7 minutes during penetrative intercourse.

Do you know? Men can have between three to five erections per night while they are asleep (including “morning wood”), known as nocturnal erection.

b). ejaculation disorder
i). premature ejaculation – this can be defined as when you have an orgasm before the start of penetrative intercourse or less than a minute after it has started.

Trivia: Do you know? Erections aren’t required for you to achieve orgasm. You could still ejaculate while your penis is at a flaccid state.


ii). inhibited ejaculation – this is when ejaculation doesn’t happen at all or take an extremely long time to happen.

Trivia: Do you know? The world longest erection measured at 13.5 inches by Jonah Falcon

iii). retrograde ejaculation – where the ejaculation forces the semen and sperm to flow backward and enter the bladder instead of through the penis.

Trivia: Do you know? Erections happen early even when we are inside the womb.

c). low sex drive / libido – a decreased in interest or desire to have sexual intercourse

Trivia: Do you know? Erectile dysfunction can be an underlying problem which signal other health issues like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and more.

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