Manhood Therapy: Sexual Dysfunction – Causes & Treatment

By Ian Chow, Cerftified Massage Therapist

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Alright, let’s move on to the next part of this topic, the causes of sexual dysfunction in men as well as some remedy or treatment that one can try. In men (I am sure for women as well), sexual arousal is a complex process that involves numerous components such as the nervous system (brain, nerve, spinal cord), the circulation system (blood vessel, heart), the endocrine system (hormones) and not forgetting our emotions and mental wellbeing. A combinations or even a single factor that may disturb any of these components can potentially cause or worsen a sexual dysfunction that one may already be suffering from or cause new problem to surface.

In summary, among some of the causes and culprits include:

– Smoking,
– Alcohol abuse,
– Obesity,
– Lack of sleep

Health conditions
– High blood pressure,
– High cholesterol,
– Heart disease,
– Diabetes,
– Peyronie’s disease (development of scar tissue inside the penis itself),
– Multiple sclerosis (a condition that affect the brain and spinal cord which can cause a wide range of issues including mobility and muscle imbalance),
– Parkinson’s disease (a progressive nervous system disorder that affects mobility)
– Prostate cancer
– Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

– Depression,
– Anxiety,
– Stress / hypertension

– Poor communication with sexual partner,
– Marital issues,
– Under certain medications,
– Injuries at pelvic area or spinal cord,
– Unhealthy / imbalance diet

When it comes to remedy or treatment, there are various options that one can explore be it modern method i.e. medicine, corrective surgery, supplement; or the more conventional method i.e. manhood therapy, counselling, herbs based supplement. But it is not all about medicine or supplement, some can be solved by you just making adjustment to your lifestyle, habits and even as simple as changing your posture and doing routine stretches. Once the cause is identified, a suitable remedy can then be identified as well.

Hence, I strongly think the first step is for you to open up and have a conversation. Talk to a urologist or doctor who specialize in men’s health. In Malaysia, there are such specialty clinic available. And really, there is no shame in that. If you are more comfortable, you may also have a chat with any of the manhood therapy therapist including myself.

And if you see this happening to your partner, husband or boyfriend, just bear in mind that is not the end of it to your sex life. Just take the first step together with your loved one.

Let’s have a conversation.

PSA: A Community Healthcare Clinic offering affordable, anonymous testing, treatment and counselling for anyone with sexual health concerns. 

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