Manhood Therapy + Essential Oils

By Ian Chow, Certified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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In Malaysia, a lot of the manhood therapist use oil like minyak lintah (oil from Hirudo Medicalis), minyak belacak (oil from Periophthalmus Modestus) and minyak kambing gurun (oil from Capricornis Sumatraensis) to perform their routine. Some customers have asked me why I don’t use such oil but instead, I use essential oil to do my treatment

To date, both of these category of oils have no conclusive research to prove that it improves on one’s sexual performance or directly addressing certain sexual dysfunction. Having said that, there are certainly more research being done on essential oil and its benefit compared to those other oils (if you are interested, I have put down below two references of scientific study on essential oils). Meanwhile, another main reason I favour essential oil is because it is plant based in which with the brand I used, doTerra, I also know the plants are being sourced ethically meanwhile those other oils are animal based and we shall not get into on how the oil is being made.

Then, there are scientific studies being done on how certain essential oils do promote better blood circulation, how scent can increase libido and how scent can promote calmness and decrease pain due to the hormone secretion. All these can only bring positive change(s) to one’s wellness and similar to any massage on any body parts, promoting better blood circulation can only do good to the part that the therapist is working on.  


The blend that I favour for my manhood therapy is a mixture of sandalwood, ylang ylang, bergamot and black spruce.

Besides promoting better blood circulation, sandalwood and black spruce are said to boost testosterone level and the good area to apply it is on the ankle. This actually correspond to two of the reflex points (prostate on the medial malleolus and testicle on lateral malleolus) that I do incorporate as part of my manhood therapy. Then, ylang ylang and bergamot helps to support the endocrine system which regulate our body hormones and increasing our libido.

Generally, with the scent of this blend, it certainly can be an aphrodisiac. Plus, the oils above also alleviate our mood, reduce anxiety and act as natural antidepressant in which we know at times, mental conditions of such do effect our sexual performance or the desire to be intimate in the first place. 

Then, by using this blend and working on the three acupressure points, Ren 1 (at the perineum), Ren 2 (above pubic symphysis) and Ren 6 (about 2cm below umbilicus), I do feel it helps to enhance the effectiveness of my treatment. 


On the other hand, some of the other oils that could be beneficial in sexual health or good in promoting intimacy include: 
Cinnamon – support sexual function and reproductive system
Patchouli – improves circulation, enhances mood, raises body temperature
Clary Sage- uplift oneself, balance hormone, enhances mood
Pink Pepper – balance hormone, increase libido
Geranium – assist in increasing oxytocin (our love hormone)

On the same note, you can also experiment on the different combination of the above oils to make salve or room spray mist for similar function.  

Lastly, do get in touch with me for a treatment session. (Note: manhood masssage only applicable for men meanwhile my treatment massage do cater for all genders and age). 

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