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1. Please do share about your background in a nutshell.

I started getting into the business when I was working in the beauty industry. I was a Product Trainer and Retail Manager. And one of the regular scopes that I did was conducting facial massage for my staff and client. This pique my interest and later on, I started to learn about body massage. My first teacher was from Indonesia and Balinese Massage was the first modality that I learnt. Then I went over to Singapore to further my study in sports massage. Further down the road, I also had the opportunity to work in Japan where I learn shiatsu massage.

2. Do you have a preferred massage modality? Any reason for that?

As a receiver and giver, I would say deep tissue massage (with warm oil) plus sports massage. Not only it is relaxing but it is beneficial in a lot of ways especially to our lymphatic system and of course muscular system.

3. What is the weirdest request you ever get from a client before, during or after a session?  

I have been in the industry actively for about 5 years now and one of the weirdest request (perhaps it is also a fetish), is a client asking to buy my socks and personal garment.


4. Let’s turn it the other way around, instead of client always requesting this and that from you, what would you request of your client when comes to massage? Or what is your one wish on customer if you are granted one?

Nothing in particular but I would certainly require them to share certain information like their profession or daily activities so I can understand their lifestyle and requirement better. For example, an office executive may have more frequent lower back issue compared to others due to working habits. With these information, I can provide a better or an ideal massage treatment catering to their need. And some client may not be able to express themselves well and it is up to the therapist to decipher and do some background research based on the information shared.

For others information like weight, height or gender, those are not so important to me as I believe massage is for everyone and not based on those criteria.

5. What is your advice or word of wisdom to aspiring massage therapist?

I don’t have much advice to share and I don’t think I am qualified to provide any either. However, my philosophy as a massage therapist is to treat everyone equally and be transparent with how we handle ourselves. This is a good mantra for anyone in any industry in long run.


6. Any other things you would like to share or add?

Especially in South East Asia, we know that there is taboo and stigma about massage therapist and also side tracking a bit, the LGBTQ+ community. I wish people would see and treat everyone equally.

Beside being a massage therapist, I am also a life coach and to see everyone without any discrimination is extremely important especially in the world we are living right now.

7. Where can one get in touch with you for your services?

In this digital era, you may get in touch with me on various mediums ie. FB, instagram, forum etc. And I always believe in having good reputation via word of mouth. If we do our job well enough, promotional post is one of the way to boost and get our name around but at the end, it all boils down to doing our job well and professionally. That is fundamental. Or else, everything is just a marketing gimmick.

Thank you for reading and thank you your time.


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