Purnama Spa [Review]

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Length: 5 mins read (1024 words)

Outlet: Fahrenheit 88

Service tried: Swedish massage, body scrub, waxing

Last visit:  June 2018

“Purnama Spa is a one-stop men spa therapy centre that provides a renewing male spa & massage experience to satisfy our clients from inside out. Our team has 9 professional therapists ready to rejuvenate your body”.  http://seraispabukitbintang.com

Cleanliness 3.5 / 5
Customer service 3 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 4 / 5
Ambience 4 / 5


How I ended up here could be a different reason at first. I have been searching for a place to do boyzillian wax and was considering Bubblegum Wax, Strip, Aromann and Purnama. Finally, chose this as it is done by a male therapist (which was quite important criteria for me as being first timer, I didn’t want a female therapist attending to me). At the same time, i can double up with a massage and a body scrub. I wanted to do foot reflex too and in fact has booked the session but only to find out that the therapist is not available when I arrived. Did wish I was inform prior especially when the outlet does have my handphone number.

Unlike any other typical massage outlet in a shopping centre, the storefront is not visible to the general public and in fact, you have to take the the door that leads to back access of other shops (the door is located opposite Toys R Us).


I arrived early and the therapist were still having lunch during then. There were no one at the reception. Unlike some of the bigger massage chain, I guess they have limited staff and they are also skill-specific cos the one who did my waxing is a different person than the one who did the massage and same goes to the foot reflex (which the person was not around). The outlet is not that big compared to other chains that I frequented. But the interior design and lighting is very presentable.

Later, I was brought to my room. It is an individual room with shower facility and curtain as the door. It is brightly lit til the session was about to start then the therapist turn off the light and light up a candle instead. This does set things in the mood. Earlier, when he showed me to the room, he did ask me whether I would like to shower first before the massage. Never had this sort of facility before and i guess it is a good option especially for those who come straight from work or had a sweaty day.

I chose Swedish massage (first time trying it). It is sensual with a lot of broad sweeping and pulling stroke. Very relaxing too. And the therapist does check every now and thence whether his strength need to be adjusted. After that, proceeded to body scrub, shower cleanly and finally, the wax.


So was the wax painful? Yes, it was and can be quite excruciating especially at the penis part. The area surrounding it was still bearable. It took the therapist around 5 strips to get rid of most of the hair before he used tweezer to take care of the finer one which didn’t come out the first time around. And this is another killer especially when he was plucking the hair on the penis. After that, proceeded to the next portion….the crack wax which after the first part, the pain for this time round is definitely much more bearable. I do find the position that I have to be in during the crack wax was a bit intrusive though. hehe

According to the therapist, the subsequent wax will be less painful than the first as the hair root and follicle will be smaller by then. On another note, I find it a bit gross that the waxing room floor wasn’t clean properly cos I can still see clumps of hair (definitely isnt’t mine) when I first stepped in.

Anyway, will I go for my second wax? Yes I will but perhaps, this time round, will try a different place.

Update: Went back recently (July 2018) to try their signature massage and indeed, I was not disappointed. Despite it being advertised as a combination of few techniques, I feel it truly does have an identity of its own. It uses a lot of arm, palm and a small portion with fingers (acupressure). But the seamless motion of gliding, pressing and pulling by the therapist all over your body is definitely an experience. Before the start of the session, he did ask about the strength of the massage (soft, medium and hard) in which I chose medium. And for this massage, it is quite free flow in its structure and the therapist doesn’t work section by section on your body. Your entire self is just one big canvas for him to work on.


Update II: Later in the same month, wanting to bring one of my friend there but disappointingly, the appointment was messed up a bit. Even after they fixed the matter, they mentioned only able to do 90 mins despite me booking for 120 minutes. Didn’t proceed with it cos principally, that is not really a cool thing to do to a customer.

-Male therapist can only attend to male client and female therapist to female client. And they do provide outcall service.
-You can go completely naked to enjoy the session and the room basis give good privacy
-For body scrub, they really do the entire body including private area but if you are not comfortable with that, you can always communicate with your therapist
-The therapist are from Nepal, my first encounter.

-Generally, a good massage experience if you have a bit of money to spent.
-Signature massage is a must try
-A pleasant and friendly receptionist

-When I was there the first time, halfway through the massage, the background music suddenly came on. At first, I thought it was someone’s handphone ringing. It may be a small matter but nifty gritty detail like this is important for a complete experience.
-Communication to client can generally be better handled.


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