Siam Oasis [Review]

Length: 3 mins read (647 words)

Outlet: Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: 90 mins Royal Aromatherapy

Last visit: July 2022

Siam Oasis is a Wellness management company with extensive experience in providing creative solutions for traditional spa business by combining ‘Art’ and ‘Technology’ into its services.


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 4.5 / 5
Skill 4.5 / 5
Facility 4.5 / 5
Ambience 4.0 / 5

– At the Mid Valley outlet which I went to, it is an open store front. As soon as I reached the counter, I was greeted by the friendly staff and she explained to me the services that they offer. Payment has to be made upfront once you have chosen your service.

– To the left of the counter is feet washing area. Then soon after is the long hallway that leads to various treatment rooms. The deco and interior design, like many other similar established brands, will bring you into the mood once you step in.

– I do find the treatment room relatively huge and it is a proper room and not curtain partitioned. There is ample space to put your belonging and hang your cloths (there is also a full size mirror which is quite rare to find in most other places)

– When I first got into the room, it is slightly too dark and when the other ceiling light is turn on by the therapist, it is too bright (wonder whether they have a dimmer).

– The fitting music and its level is just nice. The massage table is the 80cm width which is very comfortable.

Prone: The sequence started with the therapist wiping (hot towel) on my back before she introduced her touch with gentle palm compression.

From then, it proceeded to my entire back / neck, hand, gluts and leg.

Supine: The sequence continued on my leg, hand / upper chest before carry on to the stomach.

Before I was seated up, she used hot towel on my forehead and neck area which I find it soothing then goes on to massage my face and head. She did ask for permission whether she can do this portion (another nice touch especially now with Covid and some patron may be sensitive).

Seated: Concentrating mainly on my shoulder with some kneading, she then ended the sequence with stretches that one would normally find in any Thai massage.


– Throughout the entire routine, I find her draping technique very good. She used double towel. She even drape me accordingly during the seated sequence which I always find it hard to do it right.

– Despite there is a good amount of similarity with other brands that offer this modality, the therapist routine primarily used a lot of broad palm strokes and I do particularly enjoy how she did all her return strokes. It was done in a slow and steady manner. For some, they may find this phasing too slow but for me, it is nice. It felt really calming.

– She also used some thumb strokes especially on smaller surface areas like the triceps, forearm and erector spinae muscle. And for certain areas, she applied forearm glide and press.

– She used the stamping technique for oil application which is very different from what I normally experienced. But I do find the glove hinder her techniques in general too.

– For all parts, she will start with dry palm compression followed by the oil routine and finished by another palm compression (over the towel) to wipe the oil off.


Additional note
– They serve hot tea before and after the session which I find the one “before” is a nice touch.
– Can really feel the coarseness of the glove. Unsure why the need to wear glove still.

– Therapist has great skill with unique touch to the technique.
– A very friendly atmosphere from the FOH staff to the therapist.

– The price is on the premium side.
– The usage of glove.


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