[Exclusive] Sembunyi Spa (Preview)

By Ian Chow, Certified Massage Therapist / Infant Massage Instructor / Oncology Massage Trainer

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Not to be confused with the one in Cyberview Resort & Spa, this establishment is Ady from Rahsia Spa solo venture. Located at Vivo, the concept is minimalistic. As you walk in to the living room area (also the waiting area), it has a very homely vibe to it too.

Beside massage, he also expanded his services to waxing.

In terms of massage, as I have done review on Rahsia Spa before, I won’t be detailing Ady’s massage routine and techniques in this post cause what Ady employs is pretty much the same from what I have experienced before. The quality and standard is still there and you will not be disappointed. But one difference is when on supine, he added a warm herbal pack underneath the neck which is an added treatment (it can be very soothing too).


For this establishment, Ady also offers proper prostate massage for those who are seeking treatment to iron out issues such as difficulty in conceiving due to sperm quality, erection issues e.g. erectile dysfunction or those who are suffering from benign prostatic hypertrophy. But this must coupled with his main treatment massage and manhood therapy so that it is a holistic treatment. It is not a standalone treatment.

Ady also changed his choice of music to light and easy piano with soundscape, not Balinese anymore. I see this as a welcoming change cos as we all know, Balinese and Thai music is being used in a lot of establishment (a bit overkill). Together with the right placement of the furniture and usage of mainly white colour, the treatment room makes one feel very neutral.


Before and after the treatment, what I particularly enjoy in all the establishment that Ady is attached with, is also the drink and the assortment of biscuit. You don’t feel rushed and can just relax for a bit before moving on. For here, the welcome drink was a chilled tamarind juice and after massage, you can choose either green tea or ginger tea.

If you are interested to check out this new establishment by Ady, feel free to contact him directly at +6017-242 3181. Below is his rates card for further reference (correct at the time of posting).