Syifa Arjuna [Review]

Length: 4 mins read (847 words)

Outlet: Kajang, Selangor

Service tried: 4 hours full package

Last visit: March 2020

Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 4 / 5
Facility 3.5 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5


This is another man to man massage therapy brand. I came across this when I was searching for good manhood massage and this brand came up which I then WhatsApp him (a one man operation). Indeed I got a very quick response and he sent me a lot of information in both Bahasa and English. The testimony part can be a little bit too graphic and slightly too much information (You may get a shock or could be creepy to some….be warned). Product promotion can be a little too overwhelming too as my first impression. It is a bit too much to digest prior to treatment.

I took the 4 hours full package that include all the other treatments that he offered; the heat therapy, the spine setting therapy, full body massage and manhood massage.

He doesn’t operate on weekend but only on weekday but relatively long hours from 8am right up til 1am. As it is a residential area, you need to park slightly further away and not right in front of the house.


I waited a while at his reception area as he was still treating another person. To note, this is a Muslim house and the deco and ambience certainly reflects that (except the massage room). It is not your typical spa environment.

When he is ready, he greeted me, got down my details and then explain to me the treatment for today. He also gave me a cup of water a 3 teaspoons of oil, supposingly related to the manhood massage.

Then we move to the treatment area consist of two rooms (one room for the first two sections of the treatment and the second room for the massage). First room is pretty basic but the massage room is nicely decorated, with a Balinese feel.

My first treatment is the Ceragem heat treatment (Korea technology using jade stone and infra red) for the digestive system, breaking down fatty tissue, unclogging the nerve and loosening up the muscle surrounding the genital area. So after I unclothed, he wrapped me in a big towel and I was asked to sit on this infrared heat pad for about an hour.


And half way through, he came in to start to do simple manhood massage to loosen the tissue further and go in depth in explaining the theory behind the massage that he is doing. He is certainly very knowledgeable in this field.

The next treatment is lying on the Ceragem bed that will auto correct my spine with the jade roller. Once again he described the entire treatment in great details. He possibly knows the script by heart and he is reciting it as though it was a product advertisement. But before the treatment begins, he also recited doa (prayer).

The third section is the full body massage done by his assistant first. It is a treatment massage so he will look for sore point and treat that area. Hence, this is not a relaxing massage. It can be painful. He started on prone treating the right side (hip, back, arm, leg) then only move to the left side. Same procedure goes when on supine. He treated one side then the other.


The final section is the scalp, head and manhood massage done by the main therapist again. The face massage is more like a facial massage meanwhile the scalp massage he uses camphor based oil which has this “cold burn” effect on my head. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

In the manhood therapy, not only he will treat any blockage on its nerves and vessels but he does help to enlarge or grow the size of your manhood as part of the treatment. Let me warn you, it can be very painful especially if you have dysfunction. Mine was extremely painful and i pretty much scream in pain when he reached the femoral ring.

At the end of the session which goes more than 4 hours (with no extra charge), he also gave me a few simple exercises with video tutorials which I can do on my own at home for general manhood health. And he took the trouble in explaining in depth for each exercises.


– Definitely not your typical relaxing spa treatment. You are here for a different treatment (primarily for a proper and good urut batin)
– The therapist incorporate Muslim doa (prayer) in his treatment so if you are not comfortable with that, this should not be your choice.

– It is affordable with potential good result.
– Very patient and knowledgeable therapist.

– The area may be hard to find and no convenient public transport.
– Not so much a negative point but for those of you who cannot take pain, the pain from the treatment can be on the extreme side dependent whether you have any dysfunction
– Product promotion that I feel can be toned down.


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Ian Chow 周 奕 延

Your personal massage therapist

7 thoughts on “Syifa Arjuna [Review]”

  1. Hi Mr Ian.
    If you dont mind, could you share any notable changes / improvement which you have experienced after completed the session?.

    Thanks !


    1. Hello Amirul, unfortunately I can’t share my thought on that as I didn’t complete the 3 treatments as I should. So it is not fair for me to make any comment on the effectiveness of this particular treatment. Feel free to WhatsApp me to correspondence further.


  2. Hi Mr Ian.
    Good reading. If you dont mind, could you share any notable improvement you have experienced after completed the session?.


  3. Hi Mr. Ian Chow,
    We are very glad and happy to have you as a Syifa Arjuna’s Client. We are here to express our thankfull for the sincerely sharing the treatments u received from us. Hope to see u again with something suprise to be award for u. Show us this massage when u feel free to visit us for the next treatments. Tq.

    Warm Regards
    Syifa Arjuna


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