Spa Laksamana [Review]

Length: 7 mins read (1471 words)

Outlet: Centrio Pantai Hillpark

Service tried: 120 mins 10 Nadi massage (including manhood theraphy), 60 mins body scrub and butter, 60 mins foot massage

Last visit: December 2019

Under LAKSAMANA, SPA LAKSAMANA is one of Kuala Lumpur´s promising spas dedicated entirely to the service of the male patron. Located in the picturesque Centrio Pantai Hillpark of quiet Pantai Hillpark neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur, SPA LAKSAMANA offers complete privacy, with a team of educated staff that are dedicated to bringing man and spa together in a comfortable and professional atmosphere that clients can truly call their own. Our experienced team is there to understand and help even the manliest man feel at ease. The professional team at SPA LAKSAMANA have gained local and national attention, providing education and assistance, as well as selecting and introducing an array of male-specific products that deliver science to a solution. Come and treat yourself like a man!


Cleanliness 4.5 / 5
Customer service 5 / 5
Skill 5 / 5
Facility 4.5 / 5
Ambience 4.5 / 5

This brand was started in Miri serving mainly VIP and royalties. As the demand grows, they then started accepting public (but with appointment only) and now they have a branch at Pantai Hillpark with the plan to expand too. The by-appointment concept may be a turn off to some but after going through the treatment and understand their mode of operation, I can appreciate why such decision was made. For me, it does give a sense of exclusiveness and also to ensure exceptional service quality being rendered.

Oh yeah, this is a male spa only, service done by solely male therapist.

I made my booking via WhatsApp but you can choose to fill up a form available on their website if you wish. Either way, it is pretty convenient and their response rate is very fast, within hour. After my booking has been confirmed, confirmation will also be sent immediately together with a whole host of extra information on their spa etiquette, how to get there etc all done in a very friendly manner.  I chose to communicate further with them by asking about the type of oil used and once again, I was attended to very warmly. On this front, the brand presented themselves with a very good first impression.


On the actual day, they texted me to check whether I am nearby so that they can come and greet me at the lobby instead of me registering at the security counter. Parking is ample and not that expensive either. The therapist came down and greeted me with a firm handshake. What also strikes me was his uniform that is pretty elaborate complete with tengkolok. The whole walkway to the actual lot is like a maze, certain part of the complex do look a bit rundown but overall, does have a nice ambience leading up to the lot.

Once we reached and seated at a relatively small lobby, I was served a nice chilled asam boi with a cold towel. It does project a very cosy and homely feeling. I was asked to fill up a simple form thereafter and ask whether is there any body part that i would like them to concentrate on, any medical history and my preferred strength during the session. We chit chat further after that. They do speak good English despite not fluent. They then explain to me the order of my treatment today before bringing me to the treatment area. Per treatment compartment separated by curtain, it does look a bit small but then again, it is sufficient size for them to perform the duty. They have two levels with 4 treatment compartments altogether. There is proper cloths hanger with pouch bag to put your other belongings I.e. car key, specs, handphone etc. (and talking about that, I actually forgot to take my car key after the treatment and only realized it after I reached the parking).


My treatment today started with body scrub. This is the most thorough body scrub I have ever experienced so far. At first, they dab my body with hot towel before proceeding to scrub my body with different level of strength and lastly, wipe down with hot towel again. And one thing that I enjoy, every time I turn to front (supine) in different segment of my treatment today, I will be given a nice ice cold eye bag. 🙂

After the scrub, I took my bath which this will be my only crux that the bath tub concept is not too great for rinsing of the salt. It is a bit hard to maneuver myself. Also, felt it is slightly dangerous, fearing of slipping. I would prefer a shower cubicle. But the toilet interior design, just like the entire outlet, it is very well done (very relaxing ambience and well thought off).

After the body scrub, it is time for body butter where my skin is being pampered. I honestly cannot tell what body product they rub on me but it feels rejuvenating.


Next up, I have the foot massage done by a different therapist but still at the same treatment compartment. It is as though this is my little cubicle for that four hours. The foot massage was very relaxing and I dozed off a couple of times but jerk awake again during the painful rub on some part on my foot. The entire foot massage technique is very much the same as what I have experienced with foot massage done by the China’s therapist at some of the other brands. But what I was particularly impressed was the ability of the therapist telling me my problematic internal part / organs further from the reflexology. He was also able to do a thrust on my leg, similar to what I experienced with an osteopath because he noticed that my right leg is a tiny bit shorter than my left…….which I do know due to my posture. He corrected it but it will return if I don’t take care of my posture.

The final treatment is the highlight of all, the Urutan Nadi 10. The therapist is really working on all the main body points and even the stroke of the massage is as though he is following the course of the individual muscle, ligament and then knead on its insertion point and its innervation. The massage started with prone, working from point to point from toe to neck. And I was put in different positions so he can reach different spots. When I go on supine, it is the same as well. It is definitely very thorough and structurally, very unconventional; following more of the flow of the muscle and how my entire body connects to one another.

For the urut batin, it was done in both prone and supine position. The prone position is something that I never experienced before. And he spent easily a good 30 minutes on this treatment alone, carefully going through the connected nerve, muscle and veins. It was not really painful but certain points do create discomfort as though “I am being kicked in the testical area” sensation. But I didn’t ask him to slow down since I can still bear it.


And my session today finished with a gentle face, neck and shoulder massage. For the face, he used Aloe Vera gel instead of oil which is really good cos I always hate it if the therapist uses oil. Meanwhile, the gel has a cold sensation which feels very refreshing…..first few encounters of an outlet that is being creative in their choice of product.

After the whole session today, I was treated with a cup of hot ginger and biscuit of two varieties. And they proceeded to chat with me further. They were in no rush hence it feels very welcoming instead of the therapist need to attend to another customer immediately (found out that they actually only take around 3 to 4 customer per day).

Soon after, I was escorted back to my car.

To Syam and Ady, thank you for the well spent 4 hours. It was to die-for. And you can be sure I will be back.


-You can bring your own oil if you wish to. They use virgin coconut as base oil and organic EO.
– You can (or must for certain treatments) to be naked completely. Certain treatment (including body scrub, body butter and urut batin of course) will have the therapist touching your sensitive part for treatment purpose.

-Great massage with unique approach
-Nice ambience with good accompanying music and setting, right down to the therapist appearance and mannerism.
-Friendly and knowledgeable therapist

-Bath tub concept which is less practical for rinsing after body scrub
-Wooden floor design is slightly creaky but this is me nit-picking.