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This is a segment where I (or any contributors) will blog and write about our opinion / article on matters related to massage. It can be on anything and everything. Happy reading!

What is Massage Therapy? (In Malaysia Context):

Massage Contraindication:

Getting A Massage When You Are A Transgender:

Top 10 Massage Myths:

10 Fun Facts on Massage:

Benefit of Massage:

Good Massage vs Bad Massage Session:

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts Before Getting A Massage:

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts After Getting A Massage:

Massage + Music:

FAQ: What If? (Your Burning Questions):

FAQ: What If? Part 2 (Your Burning Questions):

FAQ: Should I? (Your Burning Questions):

FAQ: Can I? (Your Burning Questions):

Manhood Therapy: Real or Fake?:

Manhood Therapy: What and How?:

Manhood Therapy: Sexual Dysfunction – Overview:

Manhood Therapy: Sexual Dysfunction – Causes & Treatment:

Top 5 Self Care Tips:

Unwind & Relax:

Self Care: 10 Acupressure Points:

5 Glands Reflexology:

DIY Hand sanitiser, Insect repellant, Pillow mist and Hair tonic:

DIY Face mist, Oil for rashes, Bath salt and Body scrub:

6 Dimensions of Care As Massage Therapist:

Aging & Me: Come to Term:

Aging & Me: Fun Facts:

Aging & Me: Benefits of Massage:

Caring for the Aged:

Comfort Touch at the End of Life:

Essential Oils Benefit:

doTERRA The AromaTouch Technique:

Aromatic Candle:

Palpation (What the heck is that?):

Individual Therapist Directory (within Klang Valley):

Exercises & Stretches:


Treatment Massage & Wellness Massage:

Post MCO / Covid-19 Practice:

Service: Therapeutic / Treatment Massage:

Service: One to One Massage Workshop:

Service: Private Couple Massage Workshop: