Infant Massage Course: FAQs for Parents

“Nothing eases suffering like human touch.”
― Bobby Fischer

Please feel free to go through the FAQs for Parents available on the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) site for infant massage. It covers a lot of questions that you may be pondering (you may click on the question as below and you will be directed to the site):

When is a good time to massage my baby?
Why should I massage my baby?
What kind of oil should I use?
Why should I ask my baby if he wants a massage before starting?
Why should I attend an infant massage class?
Why does a class last 5-6 weeks?
Can both parents attend infant massage classes?
How often can I massage my baby?
When can I begin massaging my baby?
What if my child has special needs?
What should I bring to class?
Can I use an essential oil to massage my baby?

For all parents with baby below 1 year old or special need child below 7 years old, do get in touch with me to experience first hand on the benefits of infant massage: You may also whatsapp me at 012-698 1426 (won’t be able to answer any direct call, please do WhatsApp instead). Alternatively, just look for any certified infant massage instructor by IAIM in your locale and sign up for a course now.

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