A&F New Touch Blind Massage [Review]

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Length: 3.5 mins read (757 words)

Outlet: Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur

Service tried: 90 Mins full body massage

Last visit: March 2021

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Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 3.5 / 5
Skill 3.5 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 2.5 / 5

I didn’t actually intend to come here. I was actually heading to check out another brand but then stumble upon this on my way there. This outlet is relatively new, they only opened last year. Currently, they don’t have any full timers. Everyone work here on a part time basis.

When I reach the front door at level 1 and press on the door bell, I was greeted by a sleepy receptionist who was also my therapist. He was probably resting as it was a pretty quiet and warm day. 

This place is clean and even smell very sterile. There are a few therapy rooms and I was assigned to Room C which also big enough to cater to a couple. It is decent and basic, like the rest of the establishment that I have been through which are run by the visually impaired. There is cloth hangar and a rack for me to put my belonging. Pretty spacious I must say.


Not long after, the therapist came in (they do wear mask) and nowadays I do wear my mask as well while receiving my treatment. It is not mandatory for the recipient but I choose to for the safety of everyone since I do come in contact with various people regularly for my treatment massage. 

On prone, he started with palm presses over a towel. I find this is good especially with a sweaty body on a hot day (with no place to shower prior), this can help to wipe off my sweat. Plus, it slowly eases me into relaxation.

After that is done, he proceeded to work on my back and shoulder before my leg. He generally has good strength. Oh yeah, somehow I notice that many of these establishments by visually impaired doesn’t have those massage table that have a face hole. So I have to put a pillow underneath my chest and tilt my head sideway to be comfortable. Unsure the reason for this but luckily their table here is pretty comfortable. 

Technique wise, there is not much variety to it. It consist of mainly palm presses (compression) and a lot of upward (superior) and downward (inferior) thumb stroke. Well, it does do the trick for most part of the body and I do feel good. Plus, today, I am not going there to treat any conditions but more of just to relax. Nevertheless, the therapist do have certain experience as he can feel some tension on my left lower back as well as left shoulder which is quite a common soreness area for me. 


He is also courteous and will ask me whether I am ok at almost every step of the way. In some ways, I do think it is slightly too many times that he asked.  When you are about to dose off to sleep, you may be asked question whether his strength is ok. For me, I guess asking twice is already good enough; need not go to five six times.

When facing up (supine), he continued with the leg, hand, neck and finish with a bit of scalp massage. I do particularly enjoy his massage on my hand; nice and firm. But his massage on my leg (on the quads and adductors) was a bit too careful that even with the proper draping, he could still afford to go slightly more.

The session finish with me seated up and a simple routine on the shoulder and neck. I wasn’t offer any drink after the treatment but that is ok. 

– Quality may differ from therapist to therapist since none are full time and may have undergo different trainings. 
– They do have couple room but you may want to pre-book if you come as a couple since their therapists may not be based there all the time. 
– Feel free to bring your own oil and you can dress down as freely as you want during the treatment.

– Very affordable rate. (Do tip them of you can especially during this pandemic where times are tough)

– Therapist has limited technique so if you are going there wanting to treat certain area, may not be able to work wonder for you.