Private Duo / Couple Massage Workshop

A fun filled informative hands-on workshop, where you can learn in a relax and private environment. Come and experience the power of touch!

Even if you are not a couple, you may take the workshop with a friend, a family member, a stranger perhaps or anyone that you would like to.

Do you know? The sense of touch is the first to develop in humans and the last to dissipate after we die.


What you will be learning:

a). Different massage techniques with the purpose of relaxation, reducing stress and create a better bond between the massage giver and receiver.
b). Basic understanding of human anatomy.

c). Proper positioning and ergonomics while performing the massage as to not hurt your body

d). The knowledge to massage each body part

Do you know?  Blood pressure and heart rate can be reduced with just a single touch.


Fee @ RM500 per person per workshop (2 days X 4 hours / day) (Workshop venue must be within Klang Valley. For outstation, upon negotiation). *Participant must be Covid-19 vaccinated at least with 1 dose.

*This is an exclusive workshop with only two participants per workshop.

It is not a replacement of formal certified education on massage therapy.

Day 1

A relaxing introduction (2 hours)
Each participant will firstly get a free 60 mins massage. While I am massaging a participant, the partner will observe the technique / mechanic / posture.

15 mins break

What To Do Part I (1 hour 30 mins)
Participants will be introduced to the basic anatomy of the lower and upper limbs and the basic massage techniques on those parts (with hands-on practice as well)

Q&A (15 mins)


Day 2

What To Do Part II (2 hours)
Participants will be introduced to the basic anatomy of the back, shoulder and neck and the basic massage techniques on those parts. (with hands-on practice as well)

15 mins break

Mirroring (1 hour 30 mins)
One of the participants will massage their partner by mirroring me. We both will take one side each. After 45 mins of practice, the role will then be swapped between participants.

Q&A (15 mins)

The cost fee does not include:
a). venue charges (venue within Klang Valley to be arranged by participant, can be done at participant’s home too) – if the participants need me to arrange the venue on behalf, cost will be borne by participant.
b). food, transportation or lodging fee of participants.

Please feel free to write to to find out more. You may also whatsapp me at 012-698 1426.

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