One to One Massage Workshop

A fun filled informative hands-on workshop, where you can learn in a relax and private environment.

What you will be learning:

a). Different massage techniques with the purpose of relaxation and stress reliever. (You may also choose to further learn about treatment massage after you have completed the basic)

b). Basic understanding of human anatomy.

c). Proper positioning and ergonomics while performing the massage as to not hurt your body.

d). The knowledge to massage each body part.

Fee @ RM100 per hour

*Cost is exclusive of venue charges.

**Recommended minimum of 14 hours. Exact number of hours needed dependent on participant prior knowledge and skill, as well as the end objective of participant learning the techniques.

*This is an exclusive, one to one workshop and it is not a replacement of formal certified education on massage therapy.

The cost fee does not include:
a). Food, transportation or lodging fee of participant.

Please feel free to write to to find out more. You may also whatsapp me at 012-698 1426.

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