Relax Two [Review]

Length: 3.5 mins read (769 words)

Outlet: Brickfield

Service tried: Full aromatherapy body massage, foot reflexology

Last visit: July 2018

“Our masseurs and masseuses are fully trained by the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) with adequate experience to provide you with a satisfying and relaxing massage.

The Blind Massage is a traditional remedy to cure aches or pains and can help ease muscle, tendon and ligament problems. The key difference of Blind Massage is not in the treatment method, but in the person performing it.

The visually-impaired masseurs and masseuses have better sense of touch and feel to offer relief for tired and stressed bodies. They make use of their ‘seeing’ hands and hearts instead, guaranteeing you an unforgettable massage experience.

Our massage centre is on the 1st floor of Prescott Hotel KL Sentral. We provide separate areas for men and women guests and connecting rooms for couples. The centre is fully carpeted and air-conditioned providing you a comfortable ambience. At Relax Two, cleanliness and hygiene is our top priority.


Cleanliness 4 / 5
Customer service 4 / 5
Skill 3 / 5
Facility 3 / 5
Ambience 2.5 / 5

My first experience to this outlet wasn’t that great actually. Maybe I was expecting too much after reading all the user reviews on TripAdvisor.

They are situated inside Prescott Hotel at Level 1. Parking can be difficult at times but they can reserve a spot for you at the hotel, subject to availability.


The staff here are indeed very friendly and service oriented with all local therapist whom you can easily relate to. But for me, during my first visit, it is the technique used that I wasn’t too sure when it comes to the quality. There were a lot of uneven stroke and unsure structure. It almost felt as though that 2 hours is a tad too long for the therapist and the therapist do not know how to approach it and how much time to spent on each section of the body. There were moment of hesitation as well; perhaps the therapist paused to think what should he do next. At first, I was facing down then front and not long after, the therapist asked me to face down again. And later, the yucky feeling with an oily hand massaging my head dampen the whole experience further.

One part that I felt particularly painful was when the therapist massaged my shin (the bone directly). It should have been around the area surrounding the bone and not directly. This is almost like the Thai kickboxing training. :p


Luckily for me, for the next visit, I requested for a particular therapist and the experience was great. The technique used and the massage structure was spot on. It is almost the complete opposite compared to my first visit. It was a satisfying massage and enjoyable one for this time round. Not to mention, the draping technique was also better. And I make sure I adjusted the room aircond temperature before the session begins. (the first time around, it was really cold and that one towel didn’t managed to cover my entire body; the second time, the therapist used two towels – at his on initiative without me requesting. Possibly his experience is much better as he has been doing this for five years now).

The centre has quite a lot of rooms actually (twin sharing room with curtain partition). The bed are the basic one with headrest that are not too comfortable in its design. Better for you rest on the provided pillow while facing down.


-They do charge additional for aroma therapy massage vs the traditional massage and the difference is just the oil. According to them, the techniques are the same and both are oil base. Just that one is better smelling than the other. So, do bring your own oil if you have and just go for the traditional massage.
-You are allowed to enjoy the massage naked but male therapist will only attend to male customers and vice versa

-Reasonably priced (and yet helping the blind community in earning a good decent living). Theirs working hours are pretty long though and on average, they have 2 to 4 customers per day.

-It is a bit hit and miss for me, dependent on the masseuse experience. I also remember the first time, I was given cold towel before the session and then tea after the session. But not the second time around. (But then again, the tea counter is just right beside reception, accessible by public and you may also self service if you really need one).